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  • Sequence mapping and UI behavior

    I am a fervent user of VI pro sequence mapping to create small rhythmic motives that are typical to the music I am sequencing. For me it is easier to keyswitch groups of notes than each one individually. Although I expect VI to switch articulations upon playback, the fact that switches are executed in the user interface as well, disturbs my workflow. I will typically loop a sentence in order to fine tune the feeling of a particular articulation in a sequence and to find out whether more variations are required. In order to do this, it seems I need to stop playback, select the appropriate cell, make the change and start playback again. What I obviously would like to see is a way to freeze the UI and hold the articulation I am editing. Actually I hope this is a case of rtfm or that there is another way to achieve something similar. Any help or software change is appreciated.