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  • US version of Vienna Suite as German Customer

    Hello together, I saw the download version of the Vienna Suite in an US online shop for a nice price and I am planning to buy it. My question: As a German customer could I run into any problems during activation/registration of this version? Thanks in advance.

  • It is exactly the same. Just watch out for the VAT, since it might be added by your shipping company, which could add 19% to your price.

  • Thank you very much for the information. Edit: Ordered it today. The price for paying less money seems to be a looooong time until the license mail arrives ;-(.

  • Okay, everything worked fine :-). One short question: Is it normal, that the powerpan only has 7 presets?

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    @knechtodawas said:

    [....] One short question: Is it normal, that the powerpan only has 7 presets?

    Yes. How should we know which pan-settings fit your specific needs? 😊 I tried to show some exemplary setups to get you started, but everything else would be useless. - You will see that Power Pan is straight-forward to use and pretty much self-explanatory, so you won't need factory presets anyway.

    Enjoy Vienna Suite!

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Of course you are right :-). The Powerpanner is really straight forward (and fun) to use. Although I am still a little bit curious about these pre- and post-balance settings. Can you tell me some practical applications of these parameters?

  • In principle these controls are meant to adjust the volume of the left and the right channel before or after the actual panning takes place. In reality, the differences will be subtle in most cases that are "just" a stereo recording of a single instrument (.... in these cases chances are that you won't need the balance at all, actually). A more obvious example would be one of those typical "drum loops", where a tambourine (for example) might be too loud on one side: In this case, you could bring down the volume of that side before you adjust its stereo width and/or panning.

    ... I hope you get the idea. :-)

    Personally, I tend use Post Balance mostly to demonstrate how wrong this type of "Logic-like" panning is in 99% of all cases. ;-D

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library