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  • Which step am I missing for velocity x fade?

    I'm using DP 7.24 and the Vienna Instruments.

    I want to use the Velocity X-Fade slider in the Perform


    1. record horn part in DP

    2. select Perform in Vienna Instrument

    3. right-click on Velocity X fade slider (flashes red)

    4.move slider up and down while playing back DP horn part (also tried overdubbing in DP to record the velocity info while moving fader)

    5. I can hear the velocity X-fading while playing back and moving slider but when I play it back in DP again I don't hear any of the velocity changes.

  • Hi wolfetho, 

    ThereĀ“s an On/Off button right above the slider (which can also be automated, if you like). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yes Paul, I have that button turned on, Do I need to assign a controller on the map control

    page even though I'm only using the mouse to move the fader?



  • Hello Wolfetho, 

    The fader works when you move the mouse, but your mouse movements will not be recorded.... so yes, you should assign a MIDI controller, easiest with a right click on the slider!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul, How do I clear everything on a Mac?

    Is it a double right click on the fader or what?

  • right click or ctrl click on the fader