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  • A Modest VI Feature Request: Breadcrumbs

    EASY: I think it would be helpful to have a 'breadcrumb' at the top of VI, similar to the one on this web site, which always shows you the currently active...

    MATRIX >> Patch >> Cell


    If somehow, that info could be displayed on the MIDI Inspector for the track in Cubase. (Yes, I realise this is probably pie in the sky.)

    SCENARIO: I'll be playing back a track and something won't sound right and I have to Alt/Tab over to VEP, look down left (Matrix) and then possibly do a few mouse clicks to 'see' the current articulation. If there were a breadcrumb, I could instantly 'see' what's going on.Yeah it's only a few seconds, but over time? It adds up.


  • 1. Get a second (or third) monitor.

    2. Activate "Midi activity focus" in VEP.

    Your playing instrument will pop to the front when soloed :)

  • 1. I already got 3 monitors. As you probably know, you never have enough screen space.

    2. That's a good suggestion... but even when the instrument you want is in front, the eye -still- has to look in several places to see what's going on. If you had a breadcrumb your eye would always just have one place to look. Yeah, it's a little thing, but I've seen something similar in some drum libs and it's -very- handy.

    And there's a nice clean little strip available at the top of the screen. :)

    Thanks for your consideration.