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  • Bb Clarinet Standard

    I just downloaded the Bb Clarinet and it sounds amazing except for one thing I can't figure out and I hope someone can help me. So the legato patch is separated into 3 parts. legato, legato sus, and legato fast Legato - sounds the best but there is no sustain (Ok I understand which is why the next one is not good) Legato sus - the attack is great but the crossfade into the sus isn't good at all. There is a volume change between the attack and the sus. So much that is sounds like a separate note on some of the notes. Legato fast - Same problem as the Legato sus So my big question is "Is there a fix for this? Or is there a way for me to play around with the volume of the crossfade into the sus?" Any advice would be welcome. -Derek-

  • Maybe you can give the specific patch names, as the ones you mention don't correspond to what I see in my Bb Clarinet.

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  • You'll have to forgive me for my ignorance but I don't know how to be more specific. When I load the instrument in the vienna instruments player it gives me a choice of Bb Clarinet All and Bb Clarinet Legato. I load up the legato. It gives me a choice of 2 keyswitches C2 and D2 for the switch between them.

  •  It's not that there is a level shift between articulations, but the articulations are velocity controlled. If you hit the first note with a high velocity and the second at a lower level, then the second note will be quieter,  though you really need to be able to keep a constant velocity when going between articulations.

    You can set the volume level of each articulation under Edit Cell, and also the speed setting of when the articulations change under Control Edit, but you shouldn't really need to change these, it's probably more a case of getting used to controling the velocity between notes, and playing them legato.

    I would recommend moving up to Vienna Instruments Pro, it is so much better and easier to set things up.

  • It is not de difference between different vel layers. I definitely can hear those volume chances in the legato transitions, too, especially in the leg_fast patches. It occurs to me, that the leg_fast patches are using a completely new set of transition-notes, but then are crossfaded into the target-notes of the original leg patch - and this x-fade is clearly audible on many (not only a few) transitions.

    So, for me the leg_fast artiulation is only usable for a series of notes which are played so fast, that the next note comes before the x-fading takes place, and you have to switch to normal legato right before the last note of such a phrase.

  • I'm glad someone else is hearing this. I can't believe that they would release something like this with crossfades like that. I wonder if there's anything that they or we can do about it. -Derek-

  • Have you tried recording the exact same velocity on the attack note and the second legato note from within a sequencer?  Then you can tell if it is built into the articulation, or simply the result of your playing.  Also, sometimes the attack note should be played slightly higher velocity than the legato target note,  and the legato slides more smoothly in.

  • Thanks for the message. I've actually solved this by following advice posted in this thread earlier. I found the menu to edit the cell and I'm able to manipulate the volumes of each sound file within the crossfade. works like a charm. Thanks for all the help everyone. -Derek-

  • Take for instance perf_leg_fast and play D4 followed by e4 - both at vel of 80, then both vith vel of 120. In both cases you the 2nd note almost sounds like a fp articulation, because the transition is x-faded into the target note which is slightly lower in volume. This happens within one SINGLE patch, I find no way to control the volume as suggested by derako.

    Can you explain where you make this adjustment? It was my understanding, that the x-fading is written into the sample, as it is done by the engineers at vienna. Or is this a feature of VI Pro?