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  • Extended Library Activation

    Hi there, I really hope you can help me; about 3 years ago i purchased the vienna special edition dvd edition ( I've been using it constantly and love it, however the hard drive in my iMac recently failed, so i had to reinstall everything on my system. Since re-installing Vienna i seem only to have access to the standard library, non of the extended files appear in the program. (most importantly Apassionata Strings) i've tried reinstalling but the same thing happens. I think it might be an authorisation issue, when i open the elicenser control centre, i see 2 licences, Vienna Instrument and Special Edition. Could something have happened during re-format? Is there a way i can reset and redownload the license for my viennakey? I'm using a 2009 Intel iMac with ProTools 9 (sometimes standalone) Many Thanks!

  • Hello Mark,


    I've made a look to your account details and i could see, you've only registered the SE Standard Library. Back in 2009 we offered a tryout period for the extended sample content for each collection. Once this period is over, you don't have access to the extended samples anymore. So, if you've purchased the extended library, please register your product here:

    I hope this helped, 


    All the best, Michael Hula