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  • And Yet Another Noob Question: Saving Controller Mappings

    I spent some time today mapping the knobs and sliders on my keyboard to various controller functions in one instance of VI. How do I -save- these so that I can re-use them with -other (similar) instruments?

    And: is there a way to make this mapping 'global' for -any- (or all) instruments I load into VEP? Or... to apply it to all loaded instruments after the fact?



  • For VIPro, hold down the [Alt] key when right-clicking for learning the controller. This will learn the controller for all open instances of VIPro. There is no such functionality for VI.

  •  Save all your controllers etc. into an empty Preset and then save that Preset named as startup

    Now every time you open VI the controllers are set for you.


  • Thanks to you both. Very useful info...

    I didn't think I needed VI Pro, but more and more I see it has some really nice little things that save time.