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  • And Yet Another Noob Question... Suggested Controller Setups

    Probably something asked and answered 400 times....

    I'm finally starting to use VSL to do -performances-... ie. heretofore I've 'drawn in' all the articulation moves I needed. I didn't much care because it was mainly for notation as the final product.

    But now I have to work faster so I'd like to do more 'performances', like Paul does in the videos and get it all tracked in one go if possible.

    I spent a couple of hours today getting my CME-UF8 controller, expression pedal and Cubase 6 and VSL Instruments to 'learn' some basic things.  And unless I develop a prehensile dick, I just don't seem to have enough limbs to do a complete 'performance'. IOW: the ergonomics of switching X-Fade on/off, changing X-Fade level, Expression level, articulations, turning on/off legato and adjusting legato speed requires serious coordination... I  almost feel like I'm learning a drumset.

     So I'm looking for suggestions on how other people do it. I'm used to Garritan's Strad... where a combination of the mod wheel, sustain pedal  expression pedal pretty much do it all. But the Presets included with Chamber Strings don't seem to map to that process---ie. The mod wheel switches articulations... and the keyswitches change leg.

    1. Obviously the 'Universal Mode' would be worth consideration. Do most of you have that and use it constantly?

    2.Do most of you assign CC11 to the Velocity X-Fade... or leave it as 'Expression' or 'Vol'?

    3. Are there other Presets that are 'better' (or easier to work with) than the standard Level 1s I have? ie. is there another basic setup of Matrices that is of better general use?

    4. What do y'all use to turn X-Fade on/off? Sustain Pedal?



  • TBH I don't perform the level of complexity I require, it's more coordination than I can be bothered to acquire.

     I used to want to really utilize some controllers but really going for a graphical tool to achieve the effect is more suitable for me. it seems my expression pedal has quit and it isn't a big deal for me, I really like the control of the graphical tools, line and parabola tools mostly. Do you have VI Pro? a lot of things are mapped to controllers. you can decide to map them however you like, I have things I do to maintain consistency and ease with my controller lanes setup is about the size of that.

    VSL seems to be built expecting a lot of the work to be applied in stages. Your idea is ambitious!