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  • VIPro freezes a lot since new patch

    Since I installed the latest patch for the Vienna Instruments PRO application, I get a lot of freezes now, which happen when I'm playing my piece or, most infuriating, exporting it. While the latter one happens, I can only unfreeze Cubase by closing all VIPro Instances and thus quit the exporting. I'm trying to export a very long piece (>5 minutes) and it always freezes at 4%. This did not happen before the new patch. My computer: Windows 7 64-bit, 8GB ram, 4 x 2666mhz CPU. I would really appreciate help.

  • I am still experiencing this problem and I would really appreciate any suggestions how to fix this. Please help! :(

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    Hi Intero,

    That´s new to us, I have to say. Does it help to roll back to a previous version of VI PRO (you can find some versions in the VI PRO User Area Archive)?

    Unfortunately both VI PRO developers are currently out of town, but I´d like to take a look at your arrangement and see if I can reproduce this. Please include some information about which Cubase version, soundcard, latency settings you are using.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    thanks for replying! The thing is, if I roll back to a previous version of VIpro (and I would love to), I have to remake and replug all the channels in the template I am working with which is quite a pain. I made the mistake and saved my template with the latest VIpro version so there is no compatibility anymore when I open up my template. I can of course send this template to you if it helps.

    I'm using Cubase 5.5.3. I have 2 soundcards and both are running with 1024 buffer and have a latency of 10ms and 20ms. I does not make any difference if I switch to either one.

  • Could you send the Cubase file to  for me to look at? Thanks.

  • I have now downgraded my VIPro and set up all the instruments in the very same project file anew.

    So here is what has changed:

    - I can now export without Vienna Ensemble crashing

    - the exporting time has decreased a lot (in the newer update I had to wait 20 - 30 minutes instead of just 5)

    - I get temporary freezes when I try to play my whole project sometimes, so this is actually the only annoying bug which has been fixed for me in the newer version

    I hope this helps. At least I can now use my template file again.

    Best regards,