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  • [SOLVED] New drive, old Kontakt metaframe loading from new or old path?

    I've just installed an SSD and updated all the library paths in Kontakt. When I load a metaframe saved prior to the upgrade, will Kontakt load from the new library paths or do I have to manually load each instrument again?


  • I think VEP has no particular way of knowing where kontakt's samples will be after moving. I have always had to manually reload everything after a move.

    in the case of VSL samples it's just a matter of rescanning in directory manager but I know of no way to handle kontakt's database via VEP's directory management.

  • Yes kontakt was definitely still looking at the old location (I left the library in its original place for backup).

    Easy solution: move the libraries into another folder, wait for kontakt to say it can't find them, then point it to the new drive.