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  • A Couple Possibly Ignorant VEP Suggestions

    1. It would be nice if the VEP window had an 'Always On Top' option... like the Windows Task Manager.

    2. It would be nice if the VEP Server had a 'Minimise To Tray' option. I'm constantly worrying that I'll accidentally close it out... also, I get confused when switching apps... since all the VEP apps look so similar.

    3. And finally, it would be nice if the 3 apps were more clearly -labelled-. I am still sometimes confused as to which component I'm looking at when it first opens---or which one to choose from the Start menu. Which is the 'server' or the 'plug-in'. There isn't really a clear title for each on the screen... and in the tray (Windows). That made it tough for me to -learn- the process--because the 3 components are ambiguously labelled... I dunno if that makes sense but it's like any client-server app---it's really important to have a clear nomenclature for each component.

    1. Don't think that will happen for technical reasons.
    2. Just close it. as long as you don't click Exit there will be no problem. Even then, you would be warned of something was still connected.
    3. Hmm. I have no problem, then again I have been using the software a long time. It wouldn't upset me if is was clearer I suppose.


  • Thanks for the replies. A quick follow-up to the VSL gods...

    1. The reason Always On Top is important... at least when working with the VEP 'host' on a single machine is that if it were available, it would float---just like any other plug-in on the Cubase/Nuendo environment.

    2. Thanks! That's a good tip.

    3. The icons in the Tray look almost identical. And the names of the components are -very- similar, so when working quickly it's easy to click the wrong one.

    Ironically, I've been using VEP for 1-1/2 years but these issues never came up until 2 days ago when I started using it on my 'local' machine... In the past, when I used it on a 'slave' I just would leave it on all the time and I forgot about it pretty much.

    OH YEAH, ONE FINAL QUESTION FOR NOW: What's the difference between the VEP plug-in with the VST3 /// and the VEP x64? I tend to use the VEP x64, but it there an advantage to the /// version?

    Thanks again,


  • I don't deny that it would be nice for an always on top option, but it has always been explained that as VEP is not part of the sequencer, being an external application, this is not possible. 

    x64 version gives you practically unlimited  memory usage.

    VST3 gives you multiple MIDI pots (amongst other things  that are not much use).