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  • VE pro and DP

    I use DP with VSL Ensemble pro. I load a metaframe in VSL Ensemble pro which contains a couple of Instances, and connect the Instrument tracks in DP to the instances. If DP crashes or being closed, when I open it again It automatically loads all the instances in VE pro, but in addition to the instances that are already there- what creates a situation in which I have double instances, and much less memory to work with. How can I open and close DP without reloading and changing the VE pro situation all the time? Thanks !!

  • If DP crashes I have to reboot CPU to avoid any double loads.  Be sure to click "decouple" in the VEpro window plug inside of DP.

    I also ALWAYS open VEpro first, then DP.  Sometimes you have to just delete the connection to VEpro inside of DP and create a fresh one.