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    hi I've posted this same message to support but to speed things up am wondering if anyone here is having this problem. i am having a few problems with VEPRO 5. * Number 1: When opening a project i am having to close down VEPRO first before my cubase project opens as VEPRO crashes (freezes on loading files). I then have to manually connect each VEPRO instance. But........ * Number 2: If i have two or more VEPRO intruments in cubase i can 'sometimes' manually connect the first but when trying to connect the second a box comes up saying: "The project you are trying to load was created with a newer version of Vienna Ensemble Pro. Please download and install the latest version at". Well i have been using the same version for the last few months so that cant be the problem. * Number 3: When manually connecting VEPRO instance a box is more frequently popping up saying: "Connection Failed. Could not connect to " Jaymz-Music [64]". This is ovbiously my second computer but i am baffled as to why this is happening when VEPRO is viable by my master PC. All these things have progressivly got worse over the last two days and my workflow has ground to a halt. Any help would be much apprectiated. Thanks

  • are you using a dynamic IP for the network? if so, make it static.