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  • [SOLVED] I Can See VEP On Slave Computers But Not Localhost

    Windows 7. Cubase 6.

    I run VEP5. I then launch Cubase. I load the VEP plug-in. But it never -sees- the VEP slave localhost. And if I type in it doesn't connect. And yet... it always 'sees' my other DAW slave machine.

    How do I troubleshoot this?



  •  Have you checked the box in Preferences for "Advertise on local network"?


  • Where is -that-? In the plug-in (Server) I run in Cubase or in the VEP 'host'?

  •  VEP Server Prefs (where you set things like number of MIDI ports etc.)


  • I got caught out like that too - took me two days to realise that I needed to run the server program first!

    If only I'd read the manuals!