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  • VI Pro Demo -- Possible Noob Questions


    I am demoing VI Pro. I gotta say, when I first fired it up and loaded the std presets, -everything- sounds/plays better. It does everything except deliver a pizza.

    HOWEVER: What I was kinda hoping for is that it would act like VEP or EWQLO 'Player'... ie, that one could load a number of matrices where each matrix could be assigned a separate MIDI channel. Is this possible? If so, how?

    What I want to do is minimise the # of plug-ins to manage in my DAW. Currently, if I want to create an 'orchestra' with VSL Chamber Strings, I will load a minimum of 6 instances of VI... it's a -pain- managing them. I was hoping that VI Pro could create a -single- place to manage all the 'sections'.

    Possible other solution: I guess I do that -now- with VEP, but that's on my slave computer. Is it possible to use VEP on my 'main' DAW? When I hook up to my slave computer it works -fine- but when I have tried to use VEP on my 'localhost' it -never- 'sees' the machine as a 'slave' it can connect to. If this is the answer to my original problem, then... how does one troubleshoot this?

    The number of 'VI's' is getting out of hand... especially because Cubase doesn't allow one to -name- each plug-in instance. So it gets maddening trying to remember which instance of 8 or 9 'Vienna Instruments' are the Violas and which are the 2nd Violins.




  •  Use VEP on the local machine. As to how, asked and answered.