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  • VSL should add a "MP3" stream option to VEP PRO 5


    I think VSL should add the possibility to ( by "pushing" one button ) to route all vienna instance into one MP3 output that stream over the internet .

    This way we could simply load our logic/cubase/whatever sessions when we're abroad or not in our studio ( while the VSL server is still ON in our home of course) and connect to the vienna server through internet tcp/ip and get the MP3 stream.

    Ok we would probably have a big latency, ( I think around 256 at best 1024 ms at worst ) but I would kill to have this option as i'm often working in different studios and when i've free time, would love to use this time to work on my personal projects....

    What do you think?


  • Actually, you can already do this today, but with 32-bit float audio instead of MP3. Just fire up the server on a public IP, and connect to it from the internet :)

  • NICE !

    Unfortunately 32 bit float audio is too much for even the speedest DSL broadband connection( not PRO connection )

    DSL connection is often 1 mbit/s  in upload which's exactly the necessary speed for one stereo channel 16 bit 44 khz. But not enough for 32 bit :)

  • How?