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  • More Wind Quintet

    I tried to take Goran and Frank's advice re the use of the triple horn and also space.

    Here is another piece from the same suite for wind quintet.

    The Spanish Entree & Srabande.

    Comments welcome


  • This is a beautiful piece of music. The harmony & arrangements is masterful...I'm surprised no one commented, so I guess I will ; ( It was obviously written with an organ and someone who knows how to play the complete pedals and both keyboard at once ).

    1. As to the first part or beginning half, programing the tail notes staccato is too short from episode to episode. Give the end of the notes some more tail. Extend them a little and retard the tempo a bit to create a realistic feeling to it, as of four individuals eying each other at every ending... it was meant to be that way. The notation grid constricts it a little too much.

    2. I know i have no right to mingle with the theme, the melody or the structure of this fine composer. But the very ending could have gotten the F7 to Bb defining treatment as apposed to Eb to Bb last closing bar. Unless it is to continue, thus explaining the ongoing deliberate extension.. 

      The VSL instruments are perfectly attuned and clear. This is very exciting and new in this day and time. 

    Did you use the MIR ?  Just curious. The mix is right.

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    Many thanks for your encouraging comments which I will also pass on to John Gourlay the composer.

    Staccato has always given me a bit of a problem - sometimes staccato samples are far too abrupt and I use e.g detache short although I have never been totally satisfied with the results I produce - this is an area for further work on my part.

    Yes - this is the full version of MIR Pro - a fantastic piece of software.

    For information "A Playford Suite" by John Gourlay, a talented Scottish composer, is a suite of 5 pieces - the melodies are taken from "The Dancing Master originally editied by John Playford (1623-1686). The suite comprises: 1. The Jolly Breeze & Fiddler's Maggot; 2. The Sham Doctor; 3. Buskin & the Country Farmer; 4. The Spanish Entree & Sarabande; 5. The Dumps & the French King's Mistake.

    There are three versions of the suite available: Wind Quintet, Saxophone Quartet, Chamber Orchestra.

    All available from Kanon Editions



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