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  • Why Does Saving Take So Long with VEPRO + PLAY 3?

    Why is it that a Vienna Ensemble template with maybe 8 instances of Hollywood Strings inside VE PRO instances takes about 15 minutes to save? It's insane - it only takes 3 minutes to LOAD, and that's because of loading samples into RAM. This is only meant to be saving the settings.


    I''m using the latest current versions of Play 3, HS and VE PRO. 

  • no one replied to this so maybe it's not a common problem.

    Anyway the solution seems to be to create entirely new templates for the latest versions of Play and VEP. I've just done this and saving is normal not slow. A bit of a drag meaning I have to re-create any old templates by loading everything back up but at least it can be done.

  • Could you please tell me what the bytesizes are of your template mframe / viframe files with and without Play3 included?

  • Roughly speaking without Play3 they are around 1MB. With Play3 they are about 3MB, so, not too much bigger and it looks like the difference could be accounted for just by those projects having more instances running, with more complex programs.

    As I say, the problem is only when loading older templates from previous versions of both Play and VEP. New templates save quickly now.