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  • I can not see Vienna Ensemble PRO Server in the installed directory.

    Mac 10.7.3 is the Master - Windows 7 is Slave (Firewall is set to OFF in both machines) Vienna Ensemble Pro 4.1.9753 version is installed in in booth OS. Although I can successfully connect to slave PC the VEP server doesn't show up in Mac. Thanks

  • Hello Gubik, 

    The VE PRO Server can be found and launched in "Applications" => "Vienna Ensemble PRO".

    But I´m not sure that I understood your question correctly. If that´s the case, could you please re-phrase it?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Sorry being not clear. I have no problem with my Mac settings, they are all working fine. I believe I might have problem with my PC that is running with Win 7 Pro. The VE Pro server can not be found in Program Files (only two programs can be can be found here: Vienna Ensemble Pro x64 & Vienna Ensemble Pro) Strange enough if I click Start, click All Programs, click Vienna Ensemble Pro folder which I can find VE PRO Server here. So, I believe this is the way how Windows work. Slightly confusing but its Ok know.

  • In case this thread might be helpful to other PC users as it was to me, I recently ordered a demo of VE Pro and after installation couldn't figure out why I was seeing the VE Pro standalone version in my VE Pro folder but not the Server version. I had checked the manual and it looked to me like I should see both.

    As it turns out, this thread alerted me to the fact that the VE Pro folder needed to be accessed through the Start Menu or through the WIndows Search function in order to see the Server version. I had looked directly using File Explorer, where it doesn't show. The manual was clear, I just hadn't noticed this fact.

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