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  • logic multi port doesn't work here

    Hi every one.

    I juste tried the "environnment trick" using vepro multiport within logic but it's impossible to make it work.

    I just set the thing like mentioned in the very last version of the VEPro 5 manual (import the ".logic"file and cut/paste the layer on the mixer, linked it to the instrument 1 with the Ve PRo5 instance loaded) but then, when I play my first midi channel assigned on midi port n°2 all that I can hear is the first channel of the first midi port, basicaly, no matter which midi port I'm assigning to a midi channel it's aways the First one which is responding).

    I'm using the last build 1008 and logic 9.1.6 64 bits version.

    Thanks by advance



  • The problem is in your Environment, check your instruments, there is a problem of midi channel somewhere !

    If you need more help send me a Email avec ton téléphone

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