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  • Jungle Fantasia

    Hello all
    I have downloaded the mp3+tutorial "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis" by Ralph Vaughan Williams from the DEMO ZONE> Appassionata I, and imported the tutorial in Cubase Artist 6.
    Well... the tutorial is about 50 strings...OK
    - The names of the tracks : Violins 1a, Double solo cellos b, Double chamber, Orch II... Are they really made with Appassionata I as indicated on the DEMO ZONE ?
    - To learn more on what a pro can do, let's say I concentrate only on just ONE "obvious" tracks like Violins 1a : how do I know which articulation is used  (VI-sus, VI-perfleg..) ?

    Very nice to get the tutorial, but... is it really useful without any indication ? Or maybe I have missed something :-)

    Thank you

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