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  • Flute 1 Articulations Questions

    Hello--I was planning on purchasing the standard library for Flute 1, but I was able to try what seemed to be the same product at a local guitar center. There were very few articulations and no trills, despite the fact that VSL mentions trills on the download instrument's products page. I have two fundamental questions: 1> is the flute 1 download instrument the same as the flute one in Vienna Special Edition? 2> Is there any way that someone could provide me with recordings of the flute 1 standard library articulations, so I am absolutely sure that I am getting all of the articulations that are absolutely necessary for me? (perhaps this is a bit much to ask for, but I'd still be very appreciative if someone were to help.) Thank you all. By the way, is flute 1 worth it if I have the flute from Kontakt?

  • The download instruments and the Special Edition are two different things.  It's unlikelly that the Guitar Center would be demoing the DL FLute1, as they aren't selling it; you have to buy directly on here.

    Look under "Sample Content" on the product info page to see what articulations are included in statdard and extended.

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  • Aha! So they are indeed two different products; thank you for clearing that up. In this case, what is the difference between "flutter + trills" and "perf trill"?

  • Hi synchronizer, 

    flutter tongue and trills are "single note samples" (the trill is played back as it was recorded), whereas you can play a trill yourself with the Performance Trill Patch (it´s a very fast Performance Legato with a round robin of intervals). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you. Basically, the extended library has customizable trills, among other articulations.

  • Hi, 

    You can also use these fast legatos to play all kinds of runs, and with the "Speed" control these variations for the performance legato in different speeds make a lot of sense as well (the note transitions are faster, which also makes the instrument more agile). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Unfortunately, I can not afford the full price of about 140 Euros, which equates to approximately 190 US Dollars. I could purchase the standard library and wait until i can get the expansion, but the standard library seems pretty limited as is. Is it true that educational discounts are only seasonal and apply to only batch purchases? I happen to be a High School student.

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    Hi synchronizer, 

    @synchronizer said:

    Is it true that educational discounts are only seasonal and apply to only batch purchases? I happen to be a High School student.

    That is true, we traditionally offer student discounts in our autumn special offers. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL