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  • Directory Manager Forgetting Folder

    Hello, I have had the Special Edition of VSL for some time, and am trying to install it on my new iMac. Everything has gone well, and the license been installed and is working correctly. The only problem is that when I go to the Directory Manager and select the folder in which I have the sounds installed, then press close, for some reason it doesn't stay there. When I open VSL, it doesn't find the library, and when I go back into the Directory Manager the folder is not selected that I went to before. For some reason, when I close the Directory Manager, it forgets the folder I selected. Any thoughts on what might be happening or how I can fix it? Thanks so much! Colin

  • Any help anyone? This seems like a very odd problem to me, and I am really at a loss as to what to do. Thanks. Colin Thomson

  • Did you install the latest updates?

  • Yes, I installed the newest Syncrosoft updates. Are there VSL updates I need to install? Thanks.

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    Firstly, if it's a new Mac you shouldn't be using the software that came in the box with the Special Edition DVDs. You need to install the latest VI player software (available from your user area) and the latest eLicenser software available from You should not be installing Syncrosoft software at all.


  • Would it be in personal files? Because my user area shows no downloads there. And yes, actually I did end up going to the elicenser site and downloading the newest version of that. However, I do not see any downloads available in my user area, even though I registered my Special Edition back when I got it. Any help?

    Colin Thomson

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    Hi Colin,

    All VSL Software Updates are available here (User Area => Software).

    In your case, with a Special Edition Standard Library, you should install Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble to start with.

    Make sure you are logged in with you registered email address!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL