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  • Ipad-Lemur controller for Vienna Instruments

    I heard there was a template for Vienna Instruments for the new ipad Lemur control surface app.

    A Google search turned up nothing.

    Does anybody know about this?

  • Let me know if you find it, I have been eye balling that application for a few weeks now.


  • Also looking for one, Thanks!

  • If google doesn't get a hit, it probably doesn't exist.

  • It does exist. Except it's not available commercially. Some top LA composers paid to have it programmed.

    It was for the original Lemur controller and it's really well done. It also requires programming of Vienna instruments Pro as well.

    Here is an opportunity for someone who can program the Lemur. I have tried, and it's beyond me.

  • Hi, My name is Przemek Mieszkowski and I am a developer of arts|UNMUTED templates for Lemur for iPad ( I have made the advanced templates for Projects Sam Symphobias, 8dio Requiem, LASS and 8dio Adagio plus advanced DAW controllers for Cubendo and Studio One - you can get more info on the website. I primarily made the templates for myself but they have been so useful that I decided to make them commercially available. For example, the template for PS Symphobia includes all patches with all articulation and all descriptions from both Symphobia libraries. In combination with Cubendo it also allows to select the tracks in your project. I've got great feedback from the users. I had been getting lots of requests for the template for VSL libraries. The problem is that: 1) it is a huge project 2) I've got just a few VSL libraries I wrote to VSL asking them for some temporal licenses and they wrote that they were not interested at the moment. So I stopped considering it for the moment. But I think it would be the game changer for all VSL users.

  • I hope it works for you I would like to be able to use a template withVEP5

  • Hello,

    VSL recently announced a Vienna Instruments Pro iPad control service.

    We are eagerly awaiting the Beta Trials...

    About halfway down the page read here:   

  • I missed that:-). That's great for the VSL community.