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  • Articulation info

    New here and trying to find some useful information relating to how the legato runs work. Specifically are they timed and what controls their tempo. Also, any info about where to find useful tips on applying articulations to certain types of passages would be helpful. The manuals lack usage descriptions. Thanks in advance for any help. Vince

  • Legato runs are at fixed speed and usually come in 2 variations - a slower, and a faster one. When you own VI Pro you can time stretch them to match your tempo.

    Or you can use the perf_legato_fa patches and play the lines manually (note for note)

  • Nice. I ended up using the marcato patches on some of the runs and the legato ones on others. Thanks for the info.

  • As for articulations and their use, several things might prove helpful: just try different ones in any given passage to see what sounds best to you, and perhaps more important, listen do some good orchestral recordings, and try similar things to what you hear on those recordings regarding phrasing.

    Depending on the effect you are after there is not necessarily a "right" or "wrong" articulation.  To improve realism, it is generally a good idea to switch articulations very frequently (with some exceptions, of course), just as a real player would not play a long succession of notes all the same - even the length of short notes will have major variations.  Depending on the situation, the time stretch tool in VI Pro/VI Pro 2 could be of real use, as you can stretch, or shorten, the length of any patch, turning it into a new articulation.