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  • Bass Flute release note panned

    I'm hearing a strange Fx on a release note in the BFL perf_legato patch.

    The note is F4 and there are 3 alternations of this note. The release sample on all notes sounds like it has come from the third note alternation, and it stands out when it is heard with note 1 or 2. Also the reason it stands out more is that it appears to be panned fairly hard right in the stereo image so when you release the key you hear a timbre change (from note 1 or 2) and image shift.

    Just sounds a bit weird when using the bass flute as an exposed solo instrument.

    Anyone else notice this?



  •  I don't hear anything unusual with the release samples, as they are so short anyway.  I reckon each of the three alternations have their own release samples, but ..   there is a difference in the stereo image between the three alternations.

    The first is OK, the second has a slightly wider stereo image and the third tends to go over to the left (I know you said to the right - have you got your left and right crossed?).  The only cure for this is to narrow the stereo image with the power pan.

    Though it does only seem to be F4 that is noticeable.

  • Well I've had another listen!

    The effect I am hearing only happens on the lower velocity sample - maybe you were listening to the louder samples?

    The release sample for F4 sounds identical in both timbre and stereo positioning for every alternation. Yet the 3 alternation notes themselves are quite different.

    The release sample is imaged to the right - I have double checked for any channel switches.

    The release sample matches perfectly the sound of alternation 3 except it is imaged to the right.

    Alternation 1+2 are very similar in sound and different from 3 and the release sample stands out.

    Alternation 3 has a sort of sympathetic resonance. Which you can also hear in the release sample.

    Without any further insight I would guess that there is only one release sample for the 3 alternations and that somehow it has a perceived stereo position far to the right of the main samples.

    This isn't noticeable in an orchestral setting but can clearly be heard in solo work.