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  • VEP PRO 5 SERVER 64 crash with G-Player

    I cant't reproduce the exact number of instances but Ve pro crashed once with 24 fully loaded instances of G-Player (64bit) and once with 16 fully loaded and around 15 empty instances when I added more empty instances. This is no RAM issue - there were still 4GB RAM available when it crashed.

  • Hi mmueller, 

    Please include a little more information: Your OS, total amount of RAM, the used version of VE PRO, version of G-Player, if this is reliably reproducible... Also, does this depend on the library you load?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • WIN7Pro 64 bit Intel quad core / 8 gig ddr3 ram 64 bit version of VePro - latest release GPlayer demo - actual version (downloaded yesterday)
    Try inserting GPlayer Add more instances by clicking on the channel and pressing "ctrl D" for duplicating channel When you do this faster VePro will crash at around 20 instances (no sounds loaded at all yet).
    When you insert 10 Gplayers manually (and slowly) one after the other and group these alltogether into a channel preset that inserts 10 Gplayer instances at once - then you can pass the 20 instances "barrier". I stooped at 50.
    When you have a higher number of Gplayer instances scrolling up and down the channel lane with the arrow keys may also crash VePro.
    In general: Doing things "fast" may crash VePro and you need to save a lot while working on a setup because otherwise it may crash when much stuff is loaded.
    Nevertheless all crahs happend when there were still 4 gig Ram available.