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  • Using Vienna Imperial within MIR SE: Suggestions?

    I have recently purchased the Vienna Imperial, and am looking to use it within MIR SE.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to find any suggestions regarding that combination in the manuals.

    What would make some good starting points?  I am assuming that I would need to disable the reverb within the Imperial, as that would likely cause undesired effects within MIR SE since MIR SE would be defining room characteristics.  Is any one of the perspectives (close/player/distant) within the Imperial better suited for use with MIR SE?  My overall interests are in the traditional classical orchestral and classical chamber music directions.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

  • Hi Noldar12,

    Of course you should disable Vienna Imperial's built-in reverb, and make sure that its stereo width is set to 100% - MIR will take care for that. Personally I found that I got the nicest results by using either Player or Distant perspective in an orchestral context.

    Depending on the RoomPacks you have for Vienna MIR SE, there are a few "Venue Presets" (available from the "Starting Points" File-menu) that were made specifically for the use Vienna Imperial.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks.

  • Hi Noldar12,

    I find that the directivity profiles give a great sense of organic unity. However, only the "player" profile seems to give good results.

    I am attaching an interesting demo (44.1KHz/24bit) played with the fingers.

    I also have all other files to play if they can serve you ...

    Scriabin, Op71 N2

    good luck[:)]


  • Thanks for the comments.

    Still have a lot to learn, but things are going fairly well so far.