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  • Installation Problem

    I am running a G5 Quad, last of the IBM and trying to install Solo Strings 11, i have completed all the steps regarding USB Dongle and also registration, but i keep getting a message saying that the installation can not be completed as the file's are Corrupt, i have tried this 4 times now and it happens on Disc 2 always around the 7-8 min mark, any ideas, im running out of things to try, did all the usual, let the machine cool down cleaned the disc ect. id just sell it on ebay as i cant do with the studio time loss and stress, but i think its registered now so i dont really have any choice but to try and get it working. any help would be appreciated, Thanks dB Mac G5 quad Powercore System 6000 Apogee Rosetta 200 A brain and a big headache with this problem