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  • Upgraded to 8-Core; What Now?

    Hello all. Finally upgraded from my old G5 to an 8-Core. Running Logic Studio under Snow Leopard, using just Special Edition libraries at this point. What VSL upgrades/updates should I now make to get the best use out of the libraries? Also, I'm obviously new to the 64-bit world, so I don't know what are realistic expectations regarding the expanded memory access. I.e., how much RAM can really be utilized before streaming and CPU become the bottlenecks? Thanks for any help.

    Sean McCoy

    Oregon Sound Recording

  • Are you using VE Pro?

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    @JBlongz said:

    Are you using VE Pro?


    No, I hadn't been because it required an Intel Mac. I was just reading about it today, and it looks like it greatly speeds load times, in addition to a lot of other useful features. A must-have, would you say?

  • If you use a lot of plugins in your DAW, absolutely.  In a nutshell, DAWs have a CPU limit that is actually less than the potential of your hardware.  So running VE Pro (even on the same computer) significantly increases  your capacity for large library and fx plugins.  Makes life a lot easier.  

    Depending on your DAW, create useful templates.  For example, Ableton Live is the only program I know that lets me drag a vienna enemble template into a session in one move.  Othere seqeuncing software will likely require you to create from scratch or start from a session template.  Regardless, you'll make the best of that 8 core, and there is no better way to do so (I'm always checking).

  • I'm using Logic 8, soon to be Logic 9 once I have this system up and running. So, is it necessary to purchase Vienna Instruments Pro as well as Ensemble Pro, or does Ensemble Pro include the same functional upgrades?

  • Instruments Pro are just for Vienna's Instruments.  Its an optimized player.  Ensemble Pro is plugin Host for Vienna AND 3rd party plugins.  You should ask support if you can get a discount from purchasing both if you use Instruments Pro a lot.