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  • eLC: problem with the cache key, can't save in VE PRO 5

    Dear Community, wanting to save my VE PRO - Project, I experienced an unusual error message by the eLicenser: "Die Verschl├╝sselung ist fehlgeschlagen. Es ist ein Problem mit dem Schl├╝ssel-Cache aufgetreten. Bitte generieren sie einen neuen Schl├╝ssel." ("The encryption failed. There is a problem with the cache key occurred. Please generate a new key.") I am not sure what to make out of this. I had the latest Updates of eLC, VE PRO 5 and VI PRO. My stick seems to by alright, the maintenance routine doesn't produce any problems. Does anyone have an idea what to do? Kindest regards Manuel

  • Hello Manuel, 

    Thanks for your mail. To be honest, I also don┬┤t know what to make of this. Could you please send a screenshot with the error message that also shows the key in the eLCC software in the background, so that I can ask my colleagues at eLicenser?

    Send to  and include as much information as possible (maybe also the sequencer project that you are using VE PRO 5 with. I assume that this message occured when you tried to save a *.viframe file, is that correct?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL