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  • Missing F Chamber Strings Bass


    I just realised that my 'F' below middle C is entirely missing from the standard Bass preset. Sorry if this is a noob question, but is there a 'sample locator' utility or some such... as in Kontakt? (That checks the patch integrity.)

    Is this likely just a bad copy from the DVD? If so, do I simply try re-installing the lib?



  •  There is no need for a sample locator utility. The samples are in a locked format, so one sample can't get lost.

    Assuming that there is no problem with the actual file, you could check that you haven't erroneously set a keyswitch for this note.


  • Sorry for the lateness but...


    Indeed, a rogue keyswitch. NEVER thought that could be it as I couldn't imagine doing a keyswitch in the same range as the instrument. D'Oh!