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  • VEP Pro 5 Stability issues

    Hi there,

    I've been running standalone VEP4 (64bit) machines for awhile and they were rock solid.  Upon upgrading both to VEP5,  I've had nothing but stability and performance issues.    One machine,  VEP5 just crashes after maybe 4 hours of use,  on the other the machine restarts randomly - usually every 5 hours.  I thought that maybe there was a hardware issue,  but it's curious that both machines started acting up the day I upgraded VEP4 to VEP5.   The crashes and restarts happen the moment VEP5 is running.  If the machines are just on without VEP running,  they're fine.  Possible memory leak?  Has anyone else ran into this weirdness?

    The most important question is:   If downgrade back to VEP4 - will I be able to open the templates I've saved in VEP5?  As I'm in the middle of a show,  I really don't have time for this.

    Any insight would be great!



    Both machines are/have: 

    -Mac Pro with 20GB RAM,  2.6 x 8 core and 3Ghzx8core.  OSX 10.6.8 and latest drivers for RME, Syncrosoft, etc.

    -Identical drives (SSD Startup and a Seagate 7200RPM drive for samples)

    -RME RayDAT's with WCM module for audio and MOLCP for MIDI

    -Kontakt 4, Omnisphere

  • Well - it looks like V4 cant open or merge in a V5 file.  And V5 doesn't appear to have the ability to export to an older format. 


  • The best is to send your crashes to

    MacBook Pro M3 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs Quite a few Kontakt libs