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  • Ligeti / Hamburg Concerto / Corno Naturale


    I restarted an old project of mine, working on the Hamburg Concerto of György Ligeti (one of my favorite composers) .

    It demonstrates the interaction of Horns / cornos in all variation, with and without valve . Key of this interaction is the use of four "Corno Naturale" - Natural Horn. (no punch intended) .

    If you listen to the records, especially in the Praeludium, you hear a fascinating interaction of sounds of the different brass and woodwinds 

    From what Iearned in a very old thread here is that it is a horn without valve.

    Is there a corresponding VSL instrument?  

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  • There is currently no natural horn.  That would be very good to have though, with multiple crooks inserted and half-stopped notes between natural harmonic intervals that are done with the hand in the bell.

    Sorry, that sounds a little obscene somehow... 

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    @William said:


    Sorry, that sounds a little obscene somehow...

    ... just for native speakers, I think. 😉

    "Honi soit qui mal y pense"!

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  • Well, maybe it's because once at an orchestra rehearsal a guy yelled out to the horn section, "O.K. get your hands out of the horns, now!"  and somehow that stuck with me...

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