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  • Convolution Reverb: Impulses not found

    Hi all, My Convolution Reverb has no impulses when I load it. I try to load one but it wont be found anywhere in my PC, any ideas how to fix it (despite reinstaling the whole she-bang) Thx for your help :) Alex

  • Hi Alex,

    The IR's supplied with Convolution Reverb are loaded with the Factory Presets. They are copy-protected *.vci-files (for Vienna Convolution Reverb Impulse Responses) and acessible from the menu at the top,  or from the "Impulse" file-dialog if you want to load them directly. (Depending on your OS and the path you assigned during installation, they may reside in a hidden directory, most likely in a subfolder saying "VSL Convolution Reverb".)

    3rd-party IRs can be loaded from the "Impulse" file-dialog, as long as they come in one of the supported file formats.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz, Thanks a lot for the help, I will try this right away! Cheers Alex