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  • VSL Special Edition Install Assist

    Hi - When installing the sample libraries how do I direct them to be stored as Unix files? Currently they are being directed to be stored as 'video media' or 'document' files. Issues: After opening install app (from applications folder in MacPro) loading DVD1 for where do I move the file to open in the correct place. If I open it from the desktop it goes to eLicensor, when I move it into my the VSL folder in the apps I can select that file (sample libraries are grayed out) then choose where to install etc. I'm installing on an additional disk where I store other libraries. Have not had an issue like this before. I'm missing that key step in installation after I load DVD1 and selecting The funny thing is, when I open the stand alone I can get some instruments to play...LOL! The files are incomplete however, there are no sub-folders for dynamics or articulations. Thanks for any help! Laura

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    Welcome Laura [:)],

    It´s just the order that got mixed up!

    First of all, please make sure that you are using the latest eLCC and ALL the latest VSL software (in your case Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble).


    1) Launch the LIBRARY INSTALLER you find in the "Vienna Instruments" programs/applications folder.

    2) As requested, point it to the "" file on DVD #1

    3) => Installation will start right away, insert the next DVD´s step by step.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL