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  • Brass library - marcato and + OR legato with 4 velocity layers?

    Hello everyone!

    I recently bought the Woodwinds 1,  Appassionata and Chamber  Strings + all the Extended libraries for theses products...  (With VI Pro 2 [:D])

    Before buying theses collections i had Special Edition and Special Edition Plus... 

    With my new DVD collections with the extensions,  i'm completely blown away with all the  new articulations!  One of the things that I really love is the Marcato with the other new Performance patches...  [:D]

    This summer i plan to buy some new brass library...  I already have Epic Horns,  i will buy Fanfare trumpets AND Dimension Brass OR Brass 1 + Extended...  I think i will use them primarily as ensembles...

    So here is the dilemma : Dimension Brass for the new Legato Performance with 4 velocity layers and better sound (? 2004 VS 2010,  is there a better ''sound technology'')


    Brass 1 + Extension for Marcatto,  Legato with and without Vibrato,  Fast Performance,  Dynamics,  Portatos,  ect...

    For my need,  the possibility of splitting individually the instruments,  like the DB offer,  is not really a thing that interest me...  With

    Brass 1,  I can do : 1,  1 + 1 (with 1 duplicated),  3,  3 + 1...  I don't need more options,  it is OK for my needs...  So the dilemma is really about the 'sound ''quality and options,  if you see what i mean...

    What do you guys think of this?  [:D]

    Thank you very much for your help,


  •  Internet connection test...  [:D]

  • [:D]

  • For me, the main advantage of DB is that they blend better.   However, if your writing is mostly polyphony or for solo brass instruments then Brass I (DVD Collection)  may be a better choice.

  • As EP said, the consensus - even according to VSL - is that for solo writing, Brass I is the better option. If your main interest is film scoring with little solo writing, than DB might be the better choice. If your main interest is traditional orchestral/chamber/solo, then Brass I would likely be the better choice. For my own purposes, more traditional/orchestral, I went with Brass I (and extended).

    Key question: what type of writing do you primarily do?  Answering that question will likely lead you to favor one library over the other.

  •  Thank you very much for your answers! 

    I want to write those types of music : orchestral,  traditional,  film scoring...  [:D]