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  • [SOLVED] Vienna Ensemble trouble

    Hi all, I have a problem and I thought I might find some luck here. I've recently installed Vienna Ensemble on a new computer of mine and the only option I have when I run it through Digital Performer is the Vienna stand alone instruments. I cannot find the option to use ensemble. It was working fine on my older computer. Also, just to be clear, my new computer has the right specifications to run the software. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robin Hall

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    Hello Robin,

    Did you check that the VE PRO plug-in has been validated in DP yet?

    I´d also try to install the latest version of VE PRO again, from our User Area.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you paul, installing the new software updates did the trick. Thanks again! Robin