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  • [SOLVED] - VI Pro 2 - Master Delay for presets?


    is there a way to put a ''master'' delay effect for a preset?  I see that i can put delay on individual patches

    in the Edit View...  But I have more than 45 patches for some instruments.  Is there a way to add a delay

    for all the patches of a Preset or do I have to do it for each individual patch?  I tried some plug-ins in Cubase 6 like

    Mono Delay,  but it do no ''delay'' the sound,  it's just an echo effect...

    I would like if it possible,  to not have to move all the midi notes to the right to obtain this effect.  [:S] 

    Thank you for your time,


  •  [:D]

  •  [:D]

  •  The delay funtionality in VI PRO is just thought for adjusting individual delays for selected patches.

    To delay a whole preset (which means delaying a midi track) should be done in the sequenzer.

    Cubase offers this for each miditrack in the track inspector, below volume and panning you have a track delay slider displaying in MS.

    (it's labeled with a small watch icon) 



  • Thank you very much Herb,  this is what i needed!