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  • How do you make VE Pro to look like this?

    I saw this in the manual... Page 24. A picture that seems to show several windows locked side by side. I can only seem to get one window at a time eg. mixer or one VI and then any number of free standing windows. How do you lock windows beside each other like the picture in the manual (it is not explained properly in the manual). What's more the mixer window by default seems to open in the very centre of the ve pro instance (not like in the picture

  • I would love to know this as well.

    When using VE Pro 5 in Pro Tools, I find I am getting lost in a sea of windows from the many instances if VE Pro 5 and the server windows.

  • Excerpt from the manual (page 24):

    To undock a window, double-click its title bar or click the small undock button in the upper right corner.

    To dock an undocked window again, double-click its title bar.

    To re-arrange a docked window, simply click and drag its title bar over the main

    window. Indicators will be displayed when you’re dragging the window over a valid location on the main window.

    The Instrument window offers the option to unsnap individual instruments.

    The big "unsnap" button in that window lifts that particular instrument's User Interface out of the shared

    area and makes it a free floating window.