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  • Automation parameter mappings disappearing

    Automation parameters have either been cleared or not persisted on a couple of occasions when Ive reopened a project. I cant give you a break down of the preceding actions but I have opened my project on two occasions now (over the course of a few weeks) to find that all of my automation parameters have gone.


    Intel i7 2700k 16gb Intel i7 2700k 12gb Windows 7 64bit RME Babyface Presonus Studio One V2

  • I haven't had it lose any automation parameters, but maybe you seen my thread about automation issues in Studio One.  I can't figure out if it's Studio One or VE PRO causing the issue.  I can't reproduce any of the issues with other plug-ins, only VE PRO behaves eratically.  Yours sounds more related to Studio One but I can't be certain as my settings never disappear, they just get over written by the issue I posted about.


  • This was happening to me last night.  I would add an automation lane for say expression.  I would click away from that track to another one and come back to it, only to see the entire lane was gone.  Some of my other tracks were suddenly missing automation lanes I had already recorded.  That is some wierd stuff.  Only happened this one time to me, I could not reproduce it consistantly either.


  • Very strange. It has only happened to me twice over a period of a few weeks. But theres definately a bug creeping in there somewhere. A pretty drastic one when it wipes multiple lanes of automation. Im glad you have made some headway with presonus on the other automation issue. Stuart