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  • VEP5 and Studio One V2

    Ive been attempting to mix a project with VEP5 and Studio One (S1) for the last month.

    Im running on 2 high spec windows 7 64bit machines One hosting VEP5 The other hosting Studio One All fully up to date with installs

    I have a song with approx 32 stereo tracks going from S1 through VEP Audio Input Plugins to a remote VEP instance and routed back into 32 VEP outputs in S1 and I have a mixture of VST effects added to channels in both VEP (including MIR Pro) and S1

    When the system works its great!! I mean really great! Great for load balancing, great for mixing!

    BUT there are issues which are driving me literally insane. Unfortunately it is really quite difficult to pinpoint exactly how and when they occur. Very difficult to reproduce with any degree of certainty. But these issues do occur frequently enough and when they do I find that the audio transmission between S1 and VEP breaks down. And no amount of disconnected and reconnected or disabling an enabling plugins will restart it. When the transmission breaks it breaks good and proper and I cant get things back up and running without closing down both S1 and VEP. And quite often S1 freezes at the same time. In which case I may as well reboot because the S1 process doesnt shut down after a crash for about 10 minutes. And because my song project is rather large, it takes forever to reload it. All in all very frustrating indeed.

    The only thing I can do is highlight the actions that most often lead to things breaking.

    1. Enabling/Disabling the VEP instrument plugins
    2. Loading/Unloading, Enabling/Disabling plugins in general
    3. Changing the project sample rate, ASIO buffer size

    It would be interesting to know if anyone else is having similar issues.

    Thanks Stuart

  • I am also a Studio One V2 user and all in all it's amazing.  Without going to deep into that though, let me say that ever since upgrading to the latest version 10068 of VE PRO is when problems began for me.  I cannot close a project without locking up, There are many things that will lock me up now, and it's always VE PRO.  When I was on the older version, I never had any bugs or lockups.

    For now my workaround has been before closing a project to save it, disconnect all my sessions, wait for VE PRO to actually close all the active sessions, then close the VE PRO server window, now I can close the song, say no to saving it (with the disconnected status) and finally quit Studio One.

    The biggest issue I am having is with automation in Studio One with VE PRO.  You will see my thread a few above yours.  Curious if you are also having the issues I am having with automation, since I am having the same issues you are about locking up ever since the update to VE PRO.

    Additionally another thing that happens to me while using the new version of VE PRO is during one of those instances we talked about locking up, the elicensor window will come up and lose its mind.  I will no longer have access to my samples until I reboot (yes, I tried with the version it had on there already and the newest update to that software also).  Basically everything is pointing to VE PRO behavior because it was the only change I did, and right now I am having several struggles.  Hope an update is coming soon.