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  • Issue with HO-4_perf-legato patch discrepancy

    Hi all,

    Noticed something odd:  The ranges of the three different HO-4 perf legato patches differ.  The range of HO-4_perf-legato_slow goes up to D4 (where C3 is middle C), the range of HO-4_perf-legato only goes up to C4, and the range of HO-4_perf-legato_fa goes all the way up to E4.  Can someone from VSL explain why this is the case (if it's intentional)?  It makes for unpredictable results when using a speed-controlled HO-4 perf legato matrix in the high register.  FYI I'm using the latest versions of VI Pro and VEP 4, and I performed the most recent Brass Lib updates.

    Or is this an oversight/bug?  It would seem like a strange choice to have the range of the slow patch go higher than that of the medium patch, then have the fast patch go even higher...


  •  Maybe the sessions were so tiring that they couldn't manage the E5 on all patches.


  • :=).  Nevertheless, would love to know if this is an oversight and/or if it could be corrected. Paul etc, any comment?