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  • MIR and VE with other software

    I am confused about how MIR and VE are used.  Do they take the place of a DAW or are they used with it?  I use Sonar Pro so would MIR and VE be \.vst plugins used in Sonar or what?  I have watched the videos about MIR and VE but I am still condused.

    I want to buy MIR PRO but I am waiting for the SE version to become available.  Will MIR Pro SE be bundled with VE as well?



  • Hi Mike,

    thanks for your interest in Vienna MIR Pro.

    MIR Pro can be used stand-alone or as a VST (or AU) "meta"-plugin (a.k.a. "Server Mode"). It won't replace your DAW as it doesn't record or play audio- and MIDI-tracks, but it is meant to serve as an alternative, highly specialzed mixing frontend and VST/VSTi-host. - Please feel free to download MIR Pro's manuals from your VSL User Area if you need more detailed information.

    MIR Pro 24 will rely on VE Pro 5 in the very same way as the full-blown version.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library