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  • Automate VEP 5 with Pro Tools (not midi)

    Hello, This is my first post... How do I automate a plugin hosted in VEP from within Pro Tools not using midi? Normally you tell the PT plug which parameters to auto and then you can use latch/touch etc. I can do it with midi but like the latch/touch functionally. Thanks a lot! NT

  •  Have you auto-enabled any parameters in the VEP RTAS plugin in PT?

  • Hi and thanks for your reply! I have enabled the parameters in pt. I'm assuming param 1 in the vep plug is param 1 you assign within vep application?

  •  VEP manual, page 46. I don't automate VEP myself, so I wouldn't know.

  • Hi, I've seen the manual already. With a bit more time spent I now now realize I can automate the paramaters as i'd like too but only by drawing them in and cannot get my midi controller to control that parameter. Using CC is not a problem. I may have to go back to that.

  • VE Pro 5 supports full touch parameter automation actually. Simply right-click the VEPro insert in Pro Tools and select "Automation Dialog...". Activate the parameters you want to use (there are 512 parameters available which can be mapped in the VE Pro Server instance). Now you can have an automation lane for that parameter in Pro Tools and set read/touch/latch/write mode if you want to record automation by tweaking a mapped parameter in the VE Pro instance.

  • Hi, Thanks for your reply! So ive been able to set this up before but my problem is (I'm sure I'm being Stoopid here!) I can only get movement of a plugin parameter when I use the learn function(f5) and turn a knob on my axiom 49. It works when I draw in the automation. I can also automate my plugins within pt without any issue. Secondly, I assume when I automate a second instrument plugin within vep 5 that has its own instrument track in pt, and therefore does not have a vep plug directly on that track, would mean the automation lane would also be on the first track with the first instruments automation? Hope this makes sense and thank you.

  • The concept is really simple. The VE Pro plugin is a normal instrument plugin with 512 automatable parameters (Param1-512). These parameters can be assigned to parameters inside the connected VE Pro instance using the Automation Mapping window (F5) there. So for instance you set "Parameter 1" as automation source and "1 Master Bus/Volume" as automation destination. From that point on, the volume slider on the Master Bus channel in the VE Pro instance acts as Param1 of the instrument plugin in your master host.