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  • F below middle C keeps sounding randomly

    Hi. All of sudden whenever I play any notes the F below middle C randomly plays back under whatever Im playing. It's intermitent and is short and seems to be the same volume/velocity. It only seems to be happening on my slave PC. I have an instance on my main DAW, a MacPro running Cubase 6 and that seems fine. I'm using Play/Hbrass and Strings etc on the slave PC so I don't know whether the Play software could be the issue. Or could it be a network issue. I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything different to when it was playing fine. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks

  • Do you, by chance, have expression maps configured for the track in Cubase, which sends keyswitches that are not configured in the slave VST?

  • Thanks for the reply. I Don't have expression maps configured on any of the tracks. It happens on a lot of them not just one in particular but only on the slave pc. The meter on the track doesn't register when the F sounds nor does the midi in/out activity. Bit of a weird one