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  • VI Pro 2 and humanize presets


    when i load my Vienna instruments in VI Pro 2,  there is always a humanize preset

    already loaded.  It is different for each instrument.

    Are theses pre-presets adapted to the instrument that it comes with?  Did the Vienna Team choosed them

    carefully to obtain the best result for the differents instruments?

    If i do an orchestral template,  is it a good idea to keep them activated in the project for the best realistic


    Thank you for your time!


  • I find that the best instruments to use the Humanise function on is solo instruments. For Ensemble instruments, it just makes them sound out of tune to me.


  • Hello Vincent, 

    We have taken care that instruments that are likely to play in unison or octaves do not have the same tuning curves. You can always change any tuning curve and adapt it to your needs from the many presets we offer in the Humanize Area. 

    And of course, automating the Humanize/Tuning/Delay Slider will also have a huge influence on the result. 

    DG is right, humanizing makes most sense with solo instrumens (and of course Dimension Brass, as all players of the sections are triggered individually!!).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  Thank you DG and Paul,  your help is very appreciated.  =)