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  • One Instance of Ve Pro or More?

    Hi. I'm in the middle of setting up an orchestral template using ve pro on a slave pc going to cubase on my mac. Is it better to use one instance for the entire orchestra and sending each section (violins I, Violas,flutes, horns etc) out to cubase on seperate channels, or should I seperate each section of the orch to its own instance of Ve Pro? Which is more efficient on the Pc?. Thanks

  • it depends on the PC and how many processors you have, really. I noticed with VEP 5 that you can assign threads per instance at the project level, ignoring the server preferences. typically, and the fact that some things I use are in 32-bit is a factor here, I assign the server to 4 threads per instance and have 4 instances, ie., I have 16 logical cores available. I'm going to need 2 instances in the 32-bit server owing to, I don't want to run out of RAM and I just like to balance the load. but in x64 server I would tend to make a new vi frame due to a visual, at some point it's unwieldy. then I think in terms of sections as I like to have consistency to refer to, I know I have this kind of thing in '1', which is slot 1 in cubase, and the other kind of thing in '3', slot 3 in cubase...

  • what I return to cubase as audio pretty much sticks to submixes of sections, depending on how much a section is. if there is a lot of ww, I might not go with 'WW', but flutes, saxes, clarinets, bass ww. but if at a certain point the amount of returns seemed taxing on cubase, I would make more general sections.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply. I have an i7-3930K 6 core processor. I could put each section on seperate instance is that right?I guess that would help organise things.Thanks again

  • sure, you're good to go.

    no problem.