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  • Playback mute!

    MIR Pro latest update.  Windows 7 64 bit slave and master.  Nuendo 5.5 32 bit.

    I have VE Pro Server loaded on the master with vstis  and then send those busses from Nuendo into MIR Pro which is on a slave machine.  I can play "live" on the keyboard and sound is generated.  I can play midi files in ExPlayer Pro and sound is generated.  But as soon as I hit play in Nuendo all sound is muted that has the Input Plugin inserted.  When I hit stop sound resumes and you can hear the trails of what was playing.    Meters are showing activity when transport is engaged but no sound.  Bypassing the Audio Input plugins and I get sound again.

    Help!  I am dead in the water.   I've seen something similiar to this a couple months ago when MIR Pro first came out except it was stuttering audio on playback.  Ended up being a problem with the vst3 version of the Audio Input plugins.  Used the regular vst2 version and all was fun.  No the vst2 version is doing.

  • Update:  Just tried the VST3 version of the Audio Input plugin and I get playback sound but a blast of sound/noise when I hit stop.  However, sound from live playing on keyboard and playing back a midi file in ExPlayer pro is garbled/distorted.  Very weird.

  • Animus, I use more or less the same combination of applications like you, so I can assure you that this is _not_ how it's supposed to work. :-)

    The way you describe the issue, it sounds suspiciously like you clicked or "Monitoring" button inside Nuendo (that's the round, orange coloured button with the little speaker symbol in the middle). When you don't tell Nuendo in its Preferences to allow for manually managed monitoring, it will automatically try to play whatever has been recorded on the track already as long as you don't hit "Record".

    BTW - it shouldn't be necessary to use VE Pro as VST2 instrument. VST3 is working fine.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks for the response.

    No monitoring is engaged.  Besides this happens with every track Audio Input is inserted on in the project, and regular track playback fine.  Audio comes back when bypassing the Audio Input plugs so it's definitely happening with somewhere along the way to MIR and VE Pro on the slave.  No signal is showing in the meters on the MIR slave.   

    The vst3 version has never worked here.

    Pretty standard computers here, same builds basically as most pro DAW builders.  Gigabyte boards with i7 970 and i5 2500 cpus, Quaddro vid cards,  Kingston HyperX memory.

    The previous VE Pro/MIR version (9785 or something) worked fine with the vst2 version so something changed.

    Guess I will have to go back to the previous version and rebuild that VE Pro/Mir template.  Unfortunately, I was work on drums and playing back a loop in EzPlayer and didn't notice the playback issue until after I hit save and already worked on things.

  • Update:  Seems †o be working now.  Turns out I had Audio Input plugins on muted sends that were no longer used but were later duplicated as assigns on inserts  Somewhere a long the lines in the latest version something got screwy and those confused MIR Pro or something.  Unloading those gave me playback again.  Weird.

    vst3 plugin is still garbled on playback as always though. 


  • Update:

    Same thing just came back on the same project except this time I didn't have those Audio Input duplicate plugs on muted sends as before.  Nothing could bring playback back except re-instantiating the Audio Input plugin on all the channels again.  At this point I think this might be a problem with projects created before this version of VE Pro, or at least I hope, and doesn't keep coming back with fresh inserts.  In any event, I would suggest you guys work with a project created with the old version to see if this "bug" can manifest.

  • Another update:  So I added new Audio Input plugins on this project and whereas it worked when I tested it on just one channel when I redid the whole project it still doesn't work.  There's something funky going on with this version.  Guess I will have to roll back to the last version and take the time to rebuild the template.

  • Could you send an e-mail to  so I can help you personally? Thanks.

  • I think I have figured out the problem after some considerable troubleshooting, knock on wood.  To make a long story short, I narrowed down the problem to one particular track where every time an Audio Input plug was activated playback would mute.  Turns out, I guess similarly to the issue mentioned earlier of muted sends, there was a sidechain send on that track (kick) that went to Waves C6 that  was inserted on to a bass guitar track which also eventually went on to MIR.  As soon as I removed that send slot playback came back.  Very weird.  It's pretty reproducible here.  Just have one track sidechain (Nuendo) to another track and both have MIR Audio Inputs on it.  As soon as you add the sidechain playback is muted.  It doesn't even have to be "on".  Can anyone try and reproduce?  Suffice to say it would kind of be limiting not being able to sidechain when using MIR.