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  • VE Pro 5 Does not recognose VI Pro 1??

    After installing VE Pro5, I could not get VE Pro 5 to recognize VI Pro 1. The shortcut was missing too at the bottom. I read that this was a common problem and one should re-install VIPro2. But no one is talking about VIPro 1, only VIPro 2.

    I've now installed VIPro 2 and it is recognised. But, if I want to stick with VIPro 1, can I run this in VEPRo 5? Can I de-install VIPro 2 and go back to VIPro 1 leaving VEPro 5 installed?



  • No, currently you will have to use VIP v2 for VEP5.

    May I ask why you are reluctant to use VIP2?

  • I'd read that it was CPU hogging. That was the main thing. And also I prefer to upgrade one thing at a time!

    I'm on VI Pro 2 now. So water under the bridge...